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We are beginning Trestle’s 16th year.

Trestle Inc.’s 15th year was highlighted by recognizing that 1115 engraved bricks have been laid in Our Historic Brick WalkWay, telling the story of Newburgh honoring its families and friends, milestones and memorials!        


Our brick orders for 2018 are now finalized. In August each year, we thoroughly check each word & symbol meticulously and send the orders out for engraving, in order to have them back in time for placing them in The Historic Brick Walkway for our 2018 October Brick Unveiling. 

At this time, we are beginning to collect brick orders for the 2019 Brick Unveiling. Each brick significantly honors or memorializes your loved ones as they add to the story of Newburgh, Newburgh’s families and generations as well as telling a piece of Newburgh’s History.


Click here to download the brick form. 


Engravings for bricks need to be ordered by July 31, 2019 in order to be ready for next year’s Brick Unveiling! They can be created for as a gift for the Holidays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Retirements, and for Marking Milestones: Graduation, Confirmation, Weddings, as well as for Memorials. Add your family’s history to those already in place.

Please remember to mark your order form as to where you would like your brick(s) to be placed: HEROES’ Section, REGULAR Section, PET Section.

Bricks purchased during the year are placed in Trestle’s Historic Brick Walkway in front of the “Archways” mural and formally dedicated annually each OCTOBER. Brick donors gather for a reception and a short program. During the Brick Unveiling Program, upcoming events, projects and acknowledgements are shared by the Board of Directors. Afterwards, everyone gathers on the Walkway for a Red Carpet Unveiling, and then looks for their special, dedicated brick(s). So, order a brick for your loved ones today!    

NEW 2015: We added the PET Section in 2015! Memorialize or honor your precious, trustworthy, dependable friend with an engraved brick! So in addition to the Regular and Hero sections, consider ordering a brick for your beloved pet and placing it in the Pet Section. Be sure to indicate your preference of placement by checking the section of your choice on the brick order form.

NEW 2016: Do you want an engraved brick to take home with you? Order two bricks; place one in the Historic Brick Walkway and take the second one home with you for your own garden or walkway. You can place your order this way on Trestle’s brick order form. 

       NEW 2017: Family Sections with Brick Headers. At the 2016 Brick Unveiling Event, our honored guest was Mr. Joseph Catania and his family. Trestle presented them with a gift certificate for a Family Brick Header, to begin “family sections.” This year’s honored guest is the McCartney Family, as they too have placed a lot of bricks in their loved ones’ memory and honor.