Young Palettes Envision Illumination 2013

About “Young Palettes Envision Young Palettes Envision Illumination 2013”:
A Festival of Arts, Heritage & Music, Celebrating the City of Newburgh

Newburgh Illuminated celebrated its first three day celebration of music, history and art during the Summer Solstice in 2013! Downing Park, as the hub or center of the event, hosted musical performances, youth activities, art, artisans and vendor booths, boating on the Polly, with countless venues all over the City of Newburgh. Trestle, Inc., in partnership with the Newburgh Enlarged City School District, and collaborating with Newburgh Illuminated, sponsored a historical art project with students and art or history departments, “Young Palettes Envision Illumination,” which showcased art in the park created by youth around the topic of illumination and light. Seventy students participated and contributed illuminating-themed art pieces; some painted scenes on light bulbs! Since their first debut in the park, the initial reception and recognition of all the “Young Palettes Envision Illumination” who participated took place in Mannix Hall, St. Mary’s Church on December 8, 2013. The art pieces were displayed, selected pieces recognized for future art panel banners, and the Young Palettes received Certificates of Participation and Trestle pins by the Trestle Board. Click here to learn about the five phases to Trestle Inc.’s “Young Palettes Envision”…Art Projects. Also, click here to view the Young Palettes Archives.

Locate “Young Palettes Envision Young Palettes Envision Illumination 2013”:
At this point in time, a physical location for the “Young Palettes Envision Illumination” has yet to be determined. All of the pieces of art to be made into Art Panel Banners have yet to be chosen. Displays of the Young Palettes Illumination pieces will be occurring soon in various venues.