Young Palettes Envision The Hudson 2009-2010

About “Young Palettes Envision The Hudson 2009-2010”:

“Young Palettes Envision the Hudson” was designed and sponsored by Trestle Inc. to educate and increase appreciation for the Hudson River in connection with the 2009 Quadricentennial, the celebration of the 400th year of exploration of the Hudson River! A collaborative venture between Trestle Inc., Newburgh Enlarged City School District, the City of Newburgh and Orange County Tourism, “Young Palettes Envision the Hudson” began in September, 2008 with the request for teachers in the public and non-public Newburgh area schools interested in involving their students in researching any aspect of the Hudson River. Children were given Design Portfolios to create a piece of art from their research, explain in writing how the research impacted their art, and submit their work for public displays during the Quadricentennial year, with the possibility of having banners created depicting their art. They could use any medium they desired and present their artwork in any shape. Trestle Inc. received 300 pieces of art from 2nd through 9th grades, (also Newburgh’s 300th birthday year); twenty pieces were selected to become panel banners! Special thanks to… Click here to view the Young Palettes Archives.

Locate “Young Palettes Envision The Hudson 2009-2010”:
Young Palettes Envision The Hudson 2009-2010 is in Newburgh, NY on Colden Street.
On light poles overlooking the Hudson River high on a grassy knoll, majestically sit the Young Palettes Envision the Hudson Banners in a most appropriate designation. There are two pieces of art on each pole, one faces North up the Hudson River towards Poughkeepsie and the other faces South down the Hudson River towards Bannerman’s Island and West Point. If you travel East towards the Hudson River on Broadway and take a left onto Colden Street and head down the hill towards the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, these Art Panel Banners will be on your right. You can walk along the sidewalk, which runs underneath for a closer viewing with a breathtaking view!