Trestle Inc.

A local 501c3 not-for-profit, Trestle Inc. was founded by Reverend William Scafidi in 2003 to promote the Arts and artists, heritage and culture in Newburgh, Orange County, NY. Operated by volunteers, its mission is to enhance the “Community through Art,” inspire appreciation for the Arts, and increase tourism, stimulating economic development. 

It began when Fr. Bill Scafidi noticed the neglected, graffiti-laden, and vandalized railroad trestle along the Newburgh waterfront; he had a vision to bring beauty to Newburgh by creating art on this railroad wall. This experience has awakened new meaning and appreciation for the expanding artistic and cultural renaissance taking place in Newburgh today.

Interested in supporting artistic endeavors? You are invited to join Trestle Inc. Your membership and participation will expand the Arts and Culture in Newburgh. Click here to view the membership brochure. Support Trestle’s fundraising efforts by purchasing a commemorative brick. Proceeds will go toward the regular maintenance of our mural and future art projects. Thank you for supporting local art and artists.

If you’d like to continue learning about Trestle Inc., click here to view Archives.